Lori Heninger, PhD

Poet • Artist • Author • Nonprofit executive

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Words for Women

26 new poems by Lori Heninger

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Words for Women is a collection of poems about reclaiming language. From the ancient Greeks’ Harpy and Medusa to today’s Housewife and Drama Queen, words with negative or sexualized connotations have been assigned to women and pejoratively used by people to diminish women and girls. Words for Women takes those terms and, through the sound, rhythm and intent of poems, demonstrates how they have been used and how they can be reclaimed as part of a journey to equity and wholeness.

Published by Quillkeepers Press

Lori’s poetry has also been published in PoetryXHunger, The Dillidoun Review, The Bangalore Review and others! Click here to see more!

Hand-made glass marbles, sculpture and glass-decorated housewares.


A collection of poems that aspires to be the love child of Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein, raised by Roald Dahl. It is oriented toward middle-grade readers, but also has appeal for children of all ages.

Managing As Mission

Lori has worked as a nonprofit executive for over 25 years; her jobs have taken her from the local to the international levels with a primary focus on issues impacting women and girls. She has written “Managing As Mission: Nonprofit Managing for Sustainable Change” as well as blogs and articles. Click above to read her blogs and for a list of published materials.