Lori Heninger 

Hello! I’m Lori Heninger, living in rural New Jersey. I’m a poet, author, artist and nonprofit executive. The links below will take you to published and unpublished books and poems. Please use the contact link for questions or reading/speaking opportunities.

Lori’s poetry has been published in PoetryXHunger, The Dillidoun Review and upcoming in The Bangalore Review. Click above for both published (with links) and in-process pieces.

Outside/Inside/Outside is an illustrated book of irreverent poetry for children. Click above for sample pages and purchasing information.

Lori has worked as a nonprofit executive for over 25 years; her jobs have taken her from the local to the international levels with a primary focus on issues impacting women and girls. She has written “Managing As Mission: Nonprofit Managing for Sustainable Change” as well as blogs and articles. Click above to read her blogs and for a list of published materials.