For many in the nonprofit sector, the results of last week’s election has opened the floodgates of uncertainty. We have a confirmation that a great deal of the country does not look favorably upon much of our work–especially social justice work, as well as a deep concern about the future roles of nonprofits. On the positive side, people are giving to nonprofits at greater than average rates.

By the end of last week, I had formulated a preliminary list of questions about the future of nonprofits:

  • Will nonprofits have to pick up more work with less resources because of greater needs coupled with cuts to federal and state budgets and reduced taxes on the wealthiest?
  • Will economic uncertainty lead to a decrease in private donations, or might they rise given the good will of donors who are passionate about social justice?
  • How do we as the nonprofit world come together to advocate not solely for our individual issues, but as a whole, for our sector?
  • Will there be a cap on write-offs, limiting the tax-deductible amount an individual or couple may give to an organization?
  • What will happen to international development and humanitarian aid?

In the coming week(s), I will be posting articles and ideas from nonprofit experts on implications and options for the nonprofit sector. I’d love to hear your ideas; we need to come together to share information and to strengthen our approaches.


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