Managing As Mission

Managing As Mission pushes the boundaries of what it means to be a nonprofit manager by making the case that managing as a reflection of the organizational mission—the cornerstone of any nonprofit—can bring about the change nonprofits were created to achieve: a better world for all. The book contains real-world examples, interview excerpts from nonprofit managers and directors, and a series of self-reflection and organization-wide tools to develop managers and managing as a mirror of the mission.

Themes within the book include: a discussion of the history of nonprofit missions; management scope, tasks and approaches as well as values, relationships and trust; and creating organizational structures and interactions that mirror the organizational mission.

Managing As Mission is crafted from research literature and academic texts, interviews with nonprofit managers and directors, writings of Martin Buber, Peter Drucker, Shalom Schwartz (among others), and 25 years of first-hand experience in nonprofit management. It includes exercises to help nonprofit managers successfully manage as mission.

The book is written in an informal first-person style, utilizing humor, that will allow the reader to see themselves in the examples and stories.

You can purchase Managing As Mission from Amazon here: Managing As Mission: Nonprofit Managing for Sustainable Change