Lori’s presentation style is accessible and includes personal, real-world examples.

She has the ability to connect with audiences of five or 500, making people feel, as individuals, that she is speaking directly to them. Lori has the capacity to draw together ideas during Q&A sessions so that they build on one another and create something new; it is almost like a magic show without the curtains or illusions, and the audience feels as though they have created and own the product that emerges. Which they do.

Lori has:

  • Appeared on CNN
  • Been a guest on multiple Public Radio stations/markets including WNYC
  • Appeared in videos for Microsoft in Education, the World International Summit for Education and others
  • Made remarks as keynote speaker and on panels and has facilitated discussions and chaired panels: at the United Nations including making statements at UN conferences, at UNICEF, UNESCO, UNHCR; to national government representatives and bodies in many countries; at think tanks such as The Brookings Institution and within academia.

Lori offers a variety of keynote speeches in both 30- and 60-minute time frames, including:

Managing As Mission: Creating the change we want to see in the world by changing how we manage.

  • 30 Minute Version: Using real-life examples and story-telling for illustration, the ideas and philosophy of Managing As Mission are conveyed. Tips and tools are referenced for further exploration.
  • 60 Minute Version: 30-minute version plus an opportunity for audience participation in a short exercise—and sharing results—that brings to life the Managing As Mission framework. This version allows for five minutes of Q&A.
  • Managing As Mission is also available as a half-day or full-day workshop.

What I Have Learned: Recognizing my limitations and growing from meeting others.

  • 30 Minute Version: Cramming four careers, three marriages, one daughter and countless air miles into 58 years, Lori humbly and humorously dissects her life experiences and describes her journey from working-class New Jersey to international humanitarian and development work and back to New Jersey and comes to the conclusion that you can go home again, especially if there are grandchildren in the offing.
  • 60 Minute Version: 30-minute version plus an opportunity for people to consider and share their own journeys, with 10 minutes of Q&A.